What It Means To Run A Holistic Business

What It Means To Run A Holistic Business

What does it mean to run a holistic business? As a business coach and someone who spends a lot of time in the entrepreneur industry, I have witnessed many women build their careers to great success – but still have this underlying sense that something is missing. I see it all the time – underneath the seemingly perfect entrepreneur lifestyle, can be a total lack of fulfillment and sense of exhaustion.

And not just that: overworking can literally kill you.

Running a holistic business means finding a better way to work. Sometimes as business owners, we strive so hard for the money that we lose ourselves in the process. Entrepreneurs are constantly told to ‘hustle’.  We are socially programmed to believe that if we work harder, we will be more successful.

But too much of this ‘hustle / hard work’ mentality, also means outsourcing your own power! Desperate clinging energy is not magnetic. We all already know that success takes hard work and dedication. But it also takes showing up for yourself and your needs, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Burnouts are costly, and if you’re not showing up for yourself, then how can you show up for your business?

Sometimes we close ourselves off from receiving more because we haven’t learned the art of truly savoring our own existence. We are so focused on how much money we made in our launch, that we forget the success of our business should truly be measured – by how fulfilled we feel in our everyday lives. THAT is what it means to run a holistic business.

How can you create a holistic business?

Do you have good work and play balance? Are you taking the time to nurture yourself? Does the work you do produce meaningful results that create value in your life, or are you just working to create commission?

To understand the difference between working to create value and working to create a commission, you first need to understand the difference between vertical and horizontal income.

Vertical income is money you have to work hard for. Most of us work this way. We trade hard labor for pay.  Most hustle-bustle entrepreneurs also subscribe to this paradigm. They believe the harder you work, the more successful you will be.

Then there’s horizontal income, which comes from a place of ease, trust, and flow – because true success is not about chasing a goal and comprising your freedom, health, sanity, and relationships. This is not the paradigm that supports an abundance of health, energy, joy, balance, and money.

The Key to Running a Holistic Business⠀

Holistic businesses are all about balancing out your feminine and masculine energy. Learn to lean back when you’re depleted, and lean in when you’re feeling a burst of creative energy.

It’s about knowing when to tune into your feminine energy, which is asking you to take ample amounts of space, slow down, nurture yourself and fill up your cup. Then also knowing when to tune into your inner masculine who strives for perfection, productivity, and achievement.⠀

Reclaim your power and start running your business from a place of ease, self-support, and nurture. Let go of what you cannot control. Trust that when you truly believe in your business and the value it creates, clients will start coming to you left right and center, without you ever needing to desperately hustle.

This is the true nature of running a holistic business. It’s about balancing the yin and the yang and creating an incredibly fulfilling 360-degree life with the right cocktail mix of work, relationships, experiences, wellbeing, and pure, utter, life-changing, heart-bursting magic.⠀

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